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Join Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023: FinTech Redefined

Welcome to the Hong Kong FinTech Week!

This year's theme, FinTech Redefined., will discover groundbreaking insights into policy and how AI brings technological transformative shift from Web2 to Web3. Get ready to explore the frontiers of innovation!

Experience the newest and most cutting-edge technologies and be inspired by the world's tech giants,speakers, and influential regulators. Unlock a realm of new business opportunities and boundless potentials!

What to expect:

● 6 stages

● 30,000+ attendees

● 700+ exhibitors

● 500+ global speakers


● GBA Day: 31 Oct, Shangri-La Hotel in Futian, Shenzhen

● Main Conference: 2-3 Nov, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Experience how AI is reshaping the future in one conference!

HKDiFi Exclusive Discount Codes(15% discount):HKDIFI-DISCOUNT

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