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Business GoVirtual ROUNDTABLE | Value Chain of Digital Assets

14 July, 14:00-15:15 Panel Discussion

Opportunities & Challenges – Metaverse Ecosystem


Mr. Emil Chan

Chairman, The Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals

Co-Chair, Hong Kong Digital Finance Association


Mr. Ricky Mok

Cyber Security Architect, SecOp APJC, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Mr. Robert Lui

Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader, Government Affairs Unit Leader, Southern Region Capital Market Services Group Leader, Audit & Assurance Partner, Deloitte China

Mr. Erich Wong

Head of Growth (HK), The Sandbox

BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Conference 2022

Physical | 13-15 July 2022 | S220 series, 2/F, HKCEC

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